Max Protect Beekeeping Suits, Jackets & Veils

Professional Protection with Max Protect Beekeeping Suits

Have More Than One Hive? Then this pure cotton beekeepers’ suit has been designed to meet your needs.
Professional Protection Beekeeper Suit
Cooler To Wear. More Sting Resistant. More Durable. Two Veils. Feel Safe Attending To Your Bees

Have More Than One Hive and Hate Being Stung? Then Stop Bees Having Directed Access To Your Skin by protecting your whole body with this Strong & Durable 100% Cotton Beekeeper Suit or Jacket. As cotton fibers are lighter than polycotton, a thicker fabric is used making the suit more sting resistant.

Protect your face from sting & flash flames from your smoker with this Non-flammable Veil Mesh. Severer injuries can be caused if flash flames from a smoker or lighter catches the veil's mesh, that why we only use a non-flammable mesh. Cotton suits are also more flame resistant then polycotton suits.

Professional Beekeeper Protection Beekeeping Jacket
2 x Veils Round & Fencing! You No Longer Need To Choose As These Suits and Jackets Come with Both.

As this beekeeping suit design is made of 100% cotton, which is more breathable than polycotton, a thinker fabric can be used. This, in turn, means that this cotton suit provides much greater sting protection, more ventilation is cooler to wear and more abrasion-resistant compared to standard polycotton bee suits.  

Wearing this bee suit or jacket, you will be very comfortable and safe while attending your bees.


Two Very Special Veils Round and Fencing - Have the pleasure of Both – Deigned to improve visual attention and prominence, this is done by using very specific mesh thickness, the density of holes, contrast, and color of mesh, and a finish stop sun glare. This makes it easier for you to see and spot your queen, eggs, and mites. This is not just a veil it a veil that has been flame tested and designed purposely for the use of beekeeping.

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MAX PROTECT Beekeeping Suit - Comfort with Maximum Protection
MAX PROTECT Beekeeping Jacket - Comfort with Maximum Protection
Max Protect - Cotton Beekeeping Jacket with 2 Veils Round & Fencing – Safe and Protected
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