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James Bailey and Karla Leal grew up with a shared passion for bees. James’ love for bees began when he was a young boy living in the English countryside. It all started generations ago when he used to watch his grandfather look after honeybees and later helping his mother who kept bees in their garden.

Learning how to tend for bees and understanding the impact they have in our environment, sparked the motivation to create Natural Apiary.
Miles away from England in rural Brazil, Karla’s passion for bees had a similar journey, starting when her mother kept honeybees in their family farm, and used the raw honey in culinary creations.

Many years later, James and Karla became partners and their common driver to improve the well-being of our planet by promoting bees was a catalyst to create Natural Apiary. Working together and sharing ideas helped them to build a business that reflect their passions and values: affinity with nature, appreciation for simple design, and a belief that the world is a better place when we protect our environment.

Natural Apiary was born out of respect for the bees and the environment. It began with an inventive approach to integrate design and technology to the welfare of bees. It does this by using the latest textiles that are kinder to humans and bees, and by offering a design that provides comfort and protection. There is a strong belief that removing the fear barrier is one step towards promoting beekeeping.

Therefore, Natural Apiary’s protective clothing provides a high level of confidence for the novice and the experienced beekeeper. By testing the products in their own apiary, it is possible to put themselves in the customer’s position to ensure usability at every touch point. Created by beekeepers for beekeepers. May we enjoy many more years of beekeeping together.
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