Natural Apiary Beekeeping Innovation


New Apiarist Beekeeping Suits, Jackets and Gloves

The biggest barrier to beekeeping for most people, is their natural fear of bees. Rightly so, who wants to be stung? It hurts a lot and having been a beekeeper since childhood, I was also get feed up being stung every time I went to visit our beehives.

So the challenge was on to make the best sting proof protective clothing we could, as the more people we could help overcome the fear of being stung, the more people would take up beekeeping and hopefully love it.

We know that we aren’t the first company make beekeeping suits and glove. But we wanted to bring something new.

We did this by testing every type of beekeeping suit we could buy, in our apiary over a couple of years and noted what worked and what didn’t. Then, after sourcing several different manufacturers, in 2014 we finally finished our first Apiarist Suit, Jacket and Beekeeper Gloves.


Stronger and more Sting Resistant Suits and Gloves, More Size and Color options

A year on we knew we could do better, so with a new manufacture we got better. Using new fabrics with greater tread counts and new YKK zippers, we increased our suits’ strength and sting resistance. We then added more color and size options, so you could choose the perfect fit and style for you.

With our glove we added introduced sting proof cuffs to stop direct stings to your hands most vulnerable area and created a pair of beekeeper gloves with an adjustable sleeve strap.

These improved suits and gloves also became available in the UK and EU.


Improved Suit Design, New Professional Cotton Suits, New 3-Layer Ventilated Suits

We went back to the drawing board, by critically take our suits apart. When managing your apairy, at times you find yourself constantly squatting down and lifting up heavy bee boxes. So we redesign the cut of our beekeeping suits to give you that extra room and flexibility you need to move.

We also doubled up on the stitching on our gloves and suits to make them stronger and upgraded our suit and jackets apiarist zippers from plastic to metal. All in All a stronger and more comfortable protective beekeeper gear.

We introduced our first full cotton professional beekeeping. which is more breathable than poly-cotton, so a thinker fabric can be used. Giving this suit much greater sting protection, it is cooler to wear and more abrasion-resistant compared to regular poly-cotton beekeeper suits.

We also made our first sting proof 3-layer ventilated suit, unlike other suits of this type, we ensured that the gap between the layers is at least 5mm to guarantee that a bee cannot sting you.


Reduced Carbon Footprint – Free Shipping to Domestic Customers

Designing our products for practicality, ease of use, and the welfare of the bee.

Natural Apiary is about improving the well-being of our planet, we believe in caring. We do this, not only by designing our products for practicality and ease of use, for the beekeeper, but also for the welfare of the bee and our environment.

This year we focused on make Natural Apiary a better company by redesign our packaging for our beekeeping suits, jackets, and beeswax.

Our packing redesign ensured that the packaging remained strong and waterproof, so our products remained in perfect condition from manufacturing to warehouse and then direct to our customers.

The redesign in turn used safer and lighter materials, that help reduce our carbon footprint and unnecessary shipping fees that resulted in free domestic shipping to all of our customers.


More Colors More Choice for You

Introducing colored Zephyros Ventilated Beekeeping Suits in Pink, Khaki, and Sand.

As bees see in ultraviolet we wanted to make sure the color you wear does no excite your bees more than traditional white. We carried out extensive research and testing with our bees in our apiary to determine the very best hue, saturation, and brightness of colors use. Bring color into your beekeeping and ensuring that you remain totally sting free.  

Feeling good in what you wear is not only for the high street, but also for work and hobbies. The color of your clothing plays huge part of feeling great, that is why we have always offered more than traditional white.

Improved Quality Suits and Gloves

New manufacturing for our beekeeping suits

Better materials and adapting new technology is great but putting this altogether right is important. We focused on skilled workers and better working conditions nationally and internationally.

Healthy work environments contributes to employee happiness by helping them feel better, having more energy and focus, contributes to higher quality of work, producing better suits and gloves for to wear.


Safer Stronger Suits and Jackets and Safer Veils with Greater Visibility

Safety is at the core of Natural Apiary, having personal suffered from severe burns and having had my veil catch fire, I wanted to ensure that every beekeeper was better protected than I was when first I started beekeeping. So we created the very first beekeeping veil fitted with a Non-flammable veil mesh.

During the design of these Non-flammable veil, we added round veils to our protective gear collection. So, when you but our professional cotton Max Protect Suit or our Zephyros 3-layyer ventilated suit you receive two veils, 1 round and 1 fencing style.


New Beekeeping Smocks

Introduced beekeeping smocks with round and fencing veils available in White and Forest Camouflage and Pink Camouflage

Researching and testing the most readily available smocks on the market.  

We wanted a beekeepers’ jacket that was the easiest jacket could wear or use. So easy that you could slip it on or off with no fuss, and with no zippers that could get in the way or prevent a possible opening for bees. We also knew that it was not just beekeepers that used bee jackets, so we made them available with round and fencing veils in colors so keen gardeners, hunters, fishers, and nature enthusiasts would feel great wearing them.

New Camouflage Ventilated Beekeeper Suits

Introducing colored Zephyros Ventilated Suits in Forest Camouflage

When designing our bee smocks, we created our very own natural woodland pattern, we liked this patter so much that we decide to use this for our Zephyors suits..

Camouflage suits and jackets are our favorite color, and very popular with our customers. As our Zephyors Ventilated Suit is our most protective suit, we needed the camouflage version to be special and be very different from every other camouflage suit, so we made the first and only Forest Camouflage Ventilated Suit on the market, and it looks, feel and performs amazingly.

Coming in 2021

Stronger and More Sting Resistant Beekeeper Gloves

Redesign of meshed fabric on ventilated beekeeping gloves.

Resulting in a thicker mesh with better placement of holes, to prevent bees sting though this part of the glove; and to strengthen attachment of the hand and sleeve.

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