Inner Hive

A place for beekeepers and business owners who want to be part of our journey



Here Is How It Works

⭐ Interactive webinars where you can ask questions and

⭐ I’ll share our latest insights into beekeeping techniques, business creativity, and business growth.

⭐ Access to the records of ‘Inner Hive’ webinars as they are created.

⭐ A site-wide 20% discount on all products and programs.


⭐ This newly “Inner Hive” is a chance to view and discuss; learning, materials and be a part of the creation of what’s new and next.

⭐ Until this crisis passes, you are now all in my Inner Hive! (When the crisis passes, we will offer you the chance to continue as a paid member or to simply walk away – no obligation, no auto-renewal, and no questions asked!)

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