Beekeeping Smock – Polycotton Jacket – Non-Flammable Round or Fencing Veil

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Strong & Durable Polycotton Bee Smock - Polycotton blend 65% cotton & 35% polyester for strength and durability. Perfect lightweight material fabric provides protection against stings while keeping you cool on hot summer days.
Non-Flammable Veil Mesh - We Know the danger of sudden flash flames from smokers, that’s why we insist on only using Non-flammable mesh on all our beekeeping suits. Protect your face, only use Non-flammable mesh veils.
This smock is perfect for beginner and experienced beekeepers - visits to the hives without the hassle of putting on a full suit, general work around your apiary, or just sitting and watching your bees on a beautiful summer’s day.
Super Fine Veil Mesh - providing great visibility and protection from bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and flies. Great for general protection from all flying insects, while gardening, mowing the lawn, fishing, hunting or camping.
The jacket and hood are hand washable, with two large pockets on the front for extra storage, an elastic waist and sleeves to stop insets getting in. A great all round, stylish, everyday beekeeping smock for beekeepers, backyards and hobbyists enjoying the outdoors.
This smock comes in two versions of veil. Both hoods are self-supporting with a non-flammable veil mesh. The Round veil has an adjustable hat so that it can fit your head perfectly, no slipping of when bending down or kneeling. The Fencing sits closer to the head, therefore won’t restrict movement and caught on stray branches around your apairy.

Enjoy your apiary, gardening, fishing, hunting, without being stung or bothered by bees, wasps, mosquitoes or flies.

Everyday multi-purpose beekeeping jacket is a light polycotton suit giving great protection against stings while remaining cool and fresh during hot summer days.

This beekeeping smock comes in the traditional white & camouflage. Being concealed while beekeeping may not seem at first necessary, but with increasing amounts of beehives being vandalised each year, making sure your apairy is well hidden is sadly becoming a reality for some beekeepers.

A bright white beekeeping suit may be the traditional beekeeper’s choice, it does very little in helping you hide your appearance and location of your bees (especially if you rent your hives out for pollination).

Wearing a camo suit helps hide your presence when attending your bees and with recent innovations in camouflage, this forest pattern allows you to blend in without giving away your beehive’s location. “Bees don’t like dark colors”, though this myth seems plausible, we now know that bees see in ultraviolet, so your choice of fabric conditioner will have a bigger impact than the color of your suit.

Pink Camo makes a great complement to the range of realtree camouflage types available, they simply look great. A beautiful & appealing color that is great for beekeeping, gardening & hobbies like.

Comes in two versions of veil. Both are self-supporting with a non-flammable veil mesh. Round veil has an adjustable hat to fit your head perfectly, no slipping of when bending down or kneeling. Provides a wide range of view and large bee free area around your face and neck.

Fencing veil is cooler to wear as it doesn’t require a hat. It sits closer to the head, so won’t restrict movement & catch on stray branches in your apairy.

Whether you choose, round, fencing, camo or white, this beekeeping suit offers great protection, brilliant quality, affordable price, the perfect start to beekeeping.


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