Zephyros - 3 Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with 2 veils Round & Fencing - Stay Cool & Protected

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Never Be Stung Again and Feel Invincible Against Sting

🐝 The three-layer ventilated jackets are the safest beekeeping jackets as it is almost impossible to get stung through them when worn properly.

🛡️ The reason they are so good is that they use three layers of meshed fabric to provide protection and to keep you cool.

👔 This is because the depth of the 3 fabric layers when used together creates a 5mm gap which prevents a bee stings from reaching your skin.

❄️ The meshed fabric also keeps you cool and comfortable by allowing your body’s heat to escape by allowing air the flow through the jacket.


Imagine What It Would Be Like to Never Be Stung Again.

This jacket's ventilated mesh has varying holes sizes. The outer mesh holes are very small to prevent a bees’ abdomen from getting through and their tiny legs getting caught on any lose fibers. The larger holes in the second layer improve airflow and the durable inner mesh increases the robustness and longevity of the jacket.

Stops Stings Even When Wet

These three layers combined make this jacket incredibly breathable and sting proof. This jacket will even stop stings if you get it wet, making this the safest and most comfortable jacket we have ever produced.

Cool On The Inside, Safe On The Outside.

With traditional style jackets, only one layer of fabric is used, so extra underclothing is normally needed to prevent stings. This single layer and the extra clothing can cause your body’s heat to get trapped, increasing the temperature inside the jacket. Not only is this very uncomfortable, it also increases the risk of dehydration and heatstroke on hot summer days. This is especially the case for those that have multiple hives and are very likely to spend long periods of time working at their apiary.

Designed for Safety, Comfort, and Ease of Use

Velcro seals along the zips at the top of the jackets front zipper are designed to overlap so that even a very determined bee can’t crawl through the gap normal found on traditional beekeeping jacket designs.

An addition Velcro flap is placed outside the front of the veil to help secure the closed zips with another Velcro seal inside the veil to make sure there are no bee size holes.

If you are fortunate to find a bee inside your veil as I have in the past with traditional jackets, don’t take your veil off, otherwise more bees will get in and sting you. Simply squash the bee against your head with your hand. One sting is better than many. Then leave your apiary, getting away from your bees, before removing your jacket.

One jacket Two Veils, Round & Fencing

This jacket comes with two non-flammable veils. One fencing and one round, so whatever your preference you will always have your preferred choice and a spare. Both veils are non-flammable, so unlike traditional veils that are made of nylon or cotton, these won’t readily catch fire should an accidental flame from your smoker or lighter contact it.

These veils mesh is very fine, with holes so small that even mosquitoes or tiny insects won't able to get through. Because the mesh is so fine and anti-glare, the vision through the veil in very soft and clear removing dazzling glare from the sun.

The mesh design to be rigged and free-standing, ensuring the veils always stand upright and away from your face. This improved visual prominence makes it easier for you to inspect your hives and spot queen, eggs and mites.

Hand Crafted Traditional Tailoring

Each jacket is assembled by hand using traditional tailoring techniques, combined with thoughtful design and modern materials these jackets are truly unique and the safest we have ever made.

Enjoy your beekeeping journey, totally sting-free wearing a Zephyros Protect beekeeping jacket.

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Feel Safe Attending Your Bees

Keeping bees is fun and enjoyable, to us that means keeping bees must be done in safety and comfort.

Zephyros Protect Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket



Our 3rd Edition Ventilated Jacket Maximizes Protection & Comfort by Design:

The Zephyros Protect™ Beekeeping Jacket Lets The Air Flow In and Keeps The Bees Out.
  • Designed with three layers of ventilated fabric throughout
  • High-grade polycotton outer mesh to increase jackets durability
  • A fine coating of polished polyester to prevent bees’ tiny legs getting caught on any loose fibers
  • The depth of the 3 layers provides outstanding sting protection from bees and yellow jackets wasps
  • The ventilated fabric keeps you cooler by allowing your body heat to escape
  • Roomy jacket design allows you to work in your apiary comfortably
  • Gunmetal zippers go up the length of the body, and veil for ease to get on and off
  • Very secure jacket and veils openings and seals, to prevent bees for getting in
  • Non-Flammable Veils to protect your face from the smoker and lighter flames
  • Two Veils per jacket, 1 Round & 1 Fencing 
  • Firm veil mesh that stays in place and keeps the veil away from your face
  • Excellent visibility through the veil with Clear View technology
  • Four Front pockets with Velcro seals, for notebooks, pens, etc.
  • Even when wet, the Zephyros Protect™ maintains a protective barrier against bees, when other jackets cling to your skin making stings possible
  • Elasticated writs seals, waist and thumb loops.
  • Suits and Jackets are washable; the detachable hood is washable by hand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don’t you use a front opening zipper on your veil?

Answer. Though these can be convenient, the excessive use of zippers can also be a weakness.With an additional opening on the veil, there is the greater likely hood that these could open when attending your bees or not being fully closed when putting the jacket on, giving an opening for bees to get in.

After all the main purpose of a beekeeping jacket is to create a sealed and enclosed environment to prevent bees from having unimpeded access to your skin.

Q. How do I clean my Zephyros Protect ventilated jacket?

Answer. We recommend that you hand wash your jacket at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius). Try not to wring it as this could cause the jacket to lose some of its shape.

It is also good practice to remove the veil and hand wash this separately so that you can take extra care of the veil's mesh and rim.

We do not recommend the jacket is tumble dried because if there are still wax or propolis deposits on the fabric the higher temperatures of the dryer may cause the wax to melt - leading to marks on your next load of clothes through the machine.

It is best to dry the jacket by hanging it on a strong plastic hanger and leaving it to air dry. This will help the jacket keep its shape and avoid any accidental damage.

The washing instructions can also be found in the collar label on your jacket for your convenience.

Q. Is this jacket sting proof?

Answer.  Yes, for bees and yellow jacket wasps when worn correctly. This is only so because of the 5mm thickness the three layers of fabric create when stitched together, which prevents a bee’s stinger from making contact with your skin.

However, if the jacket is not fastened correctly, (zippers closed fully, Velcro seals securely attached), then it would be possible for a bee to find its way inside the jacket and possibly sting you.

With or without a jacket, bees sting. So, your jacket will still be stung at times. So to make sure you can stay as sting-free as possible, it is recommended that you wear some light underclothing underneath your jacket, a pair of long sleeve gloves and knee-high boots.


Free Returns or Exchange

We understand that choosing the right size is the hardest part of buying clothing. That is why we offer free returns or exchanges for a full 30 days after purchase.

To help you make the right choice before you buy, please read our sizing help guide and our sizing chart. In short; for best protection, your suit should be baggy and your gloves tight.

Not sure which color to order, don’t worry, just try your favorite color for 30 days. If you still don’t like it then return it within 30 days of purchase for a free exchange. Still in doubt then buy white.

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